The Root Cause Coalition Releases Year Long Study Assessing Social Drivers of Health

Housing and food security were of the greatest concern among study participants, while the most experienced issues in the past year were chronic health conditions and difficulty affording rent or mortgage.

1/8/2024 (Washington D.C.) — Over the past year, The Root Cause Coalition sought to discern how people understand, experience and prioritize a variety of social drivers of health, focusing on chronic health conditions, food and nutrition insecurity and extreme weather for the qualitative portion of the study.

The two study components—a quantitative study taking place in four waves throughout the year, for a total of 1,000 nationally representative adults 18 years of age and older, coupled with a qualitative study of individual interviews and focus groups—tells the story of individuals and communities across the country experiencing social drivers of health in different ways and at different levels. The qualitative portion of the report includes Medicare/Medicaid participants, primary care providers and individuals working in social service organizations.


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