The Journal of Nutrition Testing the Feasibility and Dietary Impact of a “Produce Prescription” Program for Adults with Undermanaged Type 2 Diabetes and Food Insecurity in Australia

Participants were older adults with mean ± SD age 63 ± 9 y (range: 40-87 y), HbA1c 9.8% ± 1.5%, and 46% were female. Overall, 92% completed the final study follow-up for the primary outcome. Compared with baseline, diet quality improved at week 12, with an increase in the mean overall diet quality (Alternate Healthy Eating Index score) of 12.9 (95% CI: 8.7, 17.1; P < 0.001), driven by significant improvements in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, red/processed meat, trans fat, sodium, and alcohol consumption. Blood lipids also improved (total:HDL cholesterol: -0.48; 95% CI: -0.72, -0.24; P < 0.001), and there was significant weight loss (-1.74 kg; 95% CI: -2.80, -0.68 kg, P = 0.002), but no changes in other clinical outcomes. Participants reported high levels of satisfaction with the program.

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