NPPC Policy Workgroup submitted a response to CMS Request for Information on Medicare

On behalf of the National Produce Prescription Collaborative (NPPC), we appreciate the opportunity to respond to your public request for information about the Medicare program. Our coalition has noted and applauds the Biden administration’s eorts and commitment to equity in Medicare as well as the other health programs under your purview. We appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts specically on food- or nutrition-related supplemental benets and oer recommendations for how the Administration can enhance Medicare beneciary access to cutting edge health interventions that are showing great promise for patients with diet-related conditions.

The NPPC is composed of dozens of equity-focused produce prescription (PRx) practitioners, researchers, and advocates, who gathered in 2019 to catalyze the vital role of food and nutrition in improving health and wellness by collectively leveraging the unique opportunities for PRx to achieve wellness by embedding and institutionalizing PRx within healthcare practice. Our respective organizations are actively working to bring new and innovative PRx models to diverse communities across the country, and our collective experiences have highlighted the need for PRx to be prescribed at the point of care, and covered by the patient’s health insurer as an integral part of a clinical care treatment plan.

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