How This Farmer is Advancing Food is Medicine

2/12/2024 – Followers of the Food is Medicine movement will know that a growing number of private food box companies are working with insurers to provide their clients with healthy food as a covered benefit (Food Bank News wrote about that here). Steve Brazeel, Founder and CEO of SunTerra Produce, is showing that there is a role for farmers to play in the Food is Medicine movement as well.

The Project Food Box program of SunTerra is an outgrowth of the USDA’s pandemic-era Farmers to Families Food Box program. Reluctant to drop Farmers to Families when Covid funding dried up, SunTerra eased into a new version of it in which it takes advantage of market inefficiencies to direct low-cost produce to food banks. In the most recent iteration of the program, SunTerra also provides medically tailored food boxes to clients of California’s MediCal insurance program.

Read the Full Article at Food Bank News 


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