Food is Medicine and implementation science: A recipe for health equity Get access Arrow

2/16/2024 –


Diet-related chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes, cardiometabolic diseases, and cancer are among the leading causes of death in the USA. Nutrition security has emerged as a target outcome and a national priority for preventative medicine and the treatment of diet-related chronic diseases. Food is Medicine (FIM) initiatives encompass programs and interventions to meet priority population’s needs across food and nutrition security continuums as a mechanism to address persistent food and nutrition inequities. In this position statement, we draw on implementation science, specifically the Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, and Sustainment (EPIS) Framework and health equity principles to provide guidance on FIM initiatives. As the FIM evidence base continues to grow, we encourage the EPIS framework be applied as one lens through which we can improve our understanding of FIM implementation among multiple contexts to understand what works, for whom, and under what circumstances. Ultimately, this position statement aims to call to action the incorporation of implementation science and equity principles into FIM efforts.

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