As SNAP benefits wane, food-as-medicine companies carve out a niche in healthcare

Historically called food stamps, 41 million Americans receive the benefit that expanded at the beginning of the pandemic. At the end of the month, it is estimated that 16 million Americans will receive about $90 less a month. Some beneficiaries with the greatest need will lose up to $258 monthly, and further cuts are being proposed by Republican lawmakers who want more stringent eligibility requirements for the federal program.

Food-as-medicine programs have long been seen as a niche corner of healthcare. However, some even consider SNAP benefits as a food-as-medicine program. As value-based care gains traction, social determinants of health moves from a buzzword to common healthcare scaffolding and SNAP benefits get clipped, organizations like Instacart, FarmboxRx and About Fresh are expanding their reach.

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