Development and Validation of the US Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease Microsimulation (DOC-M) Model: Health Disparity and Economic Impact Model



  • We developed a novel microsimulation model for obesity, diabetes, and CVD, which intersect together and – critically for prevention and treatment interventions – share common lifestyle, biologic, and demographic risk factors.
  • Validation analyses, including assessment of (1) population-level risk calibration and (2) individual-level risk discrimination, showed strong performance across the overall population and three major racial-ethnic groups for 6 outcomes (obesity, diabetes, CVD, and all-cause mortality, CVD- and DM-cause mortality)
  • This paper provides a thorough explanation and documentation of the development and validation process of a novel microsimulation model, along with the open-source code ( DOCM_validation) for public use, to serve as a guide for future simulation model assessments, validation, and implementation.

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