BMC Public Health Effect of a pediatric fruit and vegetable prescription program on child dietary patterns, food security, and weight status: a study protocol

Although nutrients in fruits and vegetables are necessary for proper development and disease prevention, most US children consume fewer servings than recommended. Prescriptions for fruits and vegetables, written by physicians to exchange for fresh produce, address access and affordability challenges while emphasizing the vital role of diet in health promotion and disease prevention. Michigan’s first fruit and vegetable prescription program (FVPP) exclusively for children was introduced in 2016 at one large pediatric clinic in Flint and expanded to a second clinic in 2018. The program provides one $15 prescription for fresh produce to all pediatric patients at every office visit. Prescriptions are redeemable at a year-round farmers’ market or a local mobile market. The current study will assess the impact of this FVPP on diet, food security, and weight status of youth.

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